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I am a UK Dog Behaviour Consultant based in Kent - I can help you have Calmer Canines Home  

Hello!  My name is Jeanne Handley and I am a Dog Behaviour Consultant based in Kent.
I'd love to help you transform your dog's
behaviour!  Get in touch now!

Jeanne Handley Dog Listener I can help improve your relationship with your dogs

With my help you could have a dog like this ....

  • Calm and always wanting to please you                                                                                                 

  • Walking confidently and quietly with a loose lead, looking to you for guidance
  • Always returning to you at your first call 
  • Greeting other dogs calmly & playing happily with its' canine friends
  • Resting peacfully alone while you are away from the
  • Accepting into your home calmly and amicably
This is possible for ALL dogs and I can show you how, using a kind, positive based method, without the use of force or gadgets.

Are you looking for a Dog Trainer in Kent?  I am a qualified Dog Listener and can help you!
You can have Calmer Canines!

Dog behaviour expert living in Kent, can help you with your dogs


I offer home consultations - Dog Behaviourist KentAre you having problems with your dog?  I can help - Dog Listener
Jeanne Handley
Dog Behaviour Consultant
Tel:  07889 343383
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